Sports and Games Week

This week we played sports and games all week. We had a blast going back to the pool and competing in relay races too. On Friday, we were amazed by the special Games2U video games!

Relay races

Our counselors made an epic relay race on Monday. There were different obstacles we had to get through to get to the end. We had fun competing against each other in the races!


On Tuesday we played a big game of soccer! It was blue vs. red out on the field. We practiced our throw ins, passes and defense skills. Many of our after schoolers were very encouraging towards each other, saying things like "good pass" and "good kick" to their teammates.


We're back in the pool! We were so happy to have swimming as one of our days in our sports week. We splashed around, jumped, and swam in the pool. We can't wait until next week to get back in the pool again! Pack your swimsuits on Wednesday if you want to splash around with us!

Gaga Ball!

We headed out to the gaga ball pit to have some fun hitting the gaga ball around. We had a blast dodging the ball and trying to get others out. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we can't wait to use the gaga pit more!


Inside this week, we played different board games, used pipecleaners to make our own creations and played with the fort building supplies to build an awesome structure!


On Friday we had the game truck come to Marinwood. Inside there were different games like minecraft, wii sports, and racing games. Outside was justdance and Mario cart. We had so much fun playing the different games for the end of our sports and games week!

A little Spring fun before spring break!

On Friday, we ended our week by making some dyed eggs. We used cool whip, food dye and that's it! We swirled the food dye together and rolled in our eggs. We put them into the fridge, let them sit for 30 minutes and then wiped off the cool whip. The water color design was so beautiful!


Spring break is from April 10th-April 14th. The After School Program will not run during those days. We will be back on April 17th!


The pool is opening and we will be starting swim time every Wednesday! If you child would like to participate, please have them pack a swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, and goggles (if needed), on Wednesday's from now on. We will have an alternate activity for those who do not want to swim.

We will swim from 2:45-3:45pm every Wednesday.

The schedule is as follows:

2:45-3:00pm changing rooms

3:00-3:45pm swimming!

3:45-4:00pm changing rooms

Next Week

Next week is Spring Break! But we will be back for After School on the 17th for Earth Week in celebration with Earth Day!

Have a great weekend!

Angela Owens

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