Musical Poetry Lounge / 18 December / 21:00 CET FESTIVAL / 2021

This is the moment.

Jump into unexpected and explore feeling and the conscious expression of Poetry. As we further our stories, the lines and melodies of our life give the gift of unfolding. So simple and so magical, mystery and love woven together creating the richness of being alive. What’s next? Lets explore with eagerness as we breathe out poetry and breathe in experience.

Let's explore our musical guests and their passion for music.

Jayant from India

I heard the music of the flute on YouTube and suddenly fell in love right then and there. I thought why not learn the flute? Just after seeing the video I ordered my flute and after 3 days, it arrived. When I opened it my expression couldn’t define my feelings.

Another name for music is heart. Because we feel it from the soft corner of our heart. Now I can’t define music if I want to, to define music I have infinite words and to express it, time will run away.

Shivansh Dvivedi from India

Shivansh likes to listen to music and dance. Enjoys watching car review videos. And loves to create melodies and songs with his keyboard. He also likes to keep it fresh, dressing properly even when at home.

Arturs from Latvia

In childhood, raised by the wind in the trees and hypnotized by the sparkling waves of lake and river, interested in every bug, where it is going and where will it end up. Growing into adulthood, loving hateful humor to peaceful madness, careful within every unrepeated moment. I don’t play music because I am no musician, but sometimes it plays me. It strives for the stillness.

Roberts from Latvia and Ieva from Lithuania

We both enjoy music because it speaks straight to peoples hearts and it allows them to Be in the present moment while they’re enjoying music.

Hello, it would be wonderful if you all participate and show your interest in expressing your poetry! We have an email where your submissions will be collected. If you'd like to submit your writing, make sure to write who the poet is with your submission. Poem can be your creation or written by another poet ❤️

Submit at 👇


Submissions will be read Live by us, unless you also express interest in your email submission to read your poem Live in the Virtual Poetry Lounge the day of our event 😊

Last date of accepted submissions will be December 11th.

Our Musical Poetry Lounge will be via Zoom.

Sign up and register through the same email for submissions with a one line poem 😊

What to bring to the Lounge?

  • Your friends
  • Your favorite drink
  • A pen and paper
  • Cozy comfortable clothes and blanket
  • And your smile

❤️ See you soon!


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