quote or greeting:

I would have to say when katniss said 'win this for us'

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Deep in the medow katniss Everdeen

about me:

My name is Rue, im a very fast runner. Im from district 11, i can swing on vines like Tarzan. I help my self by hidding in trees, I know what to eat and not eat. I know how to heal my self and stay positive.

My latest blog entry:

An important memory was when Katniss and I teamed up to destroy the food. The plan was I would distract the guard while Katniss destroyed the food. I was worried at first thinking that we would get caught but we dident it worked! It was such an exciting rush I really enjoyed doing that.

My inerests and favoriots:

Im good at shooting my slingshot. I like Katniss to sing to me.

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