Making Paragraphs How writer's stay organized

So you have your information or story and you know how to spell pretty well but how do you make sure the reader gets what your trying to tell them?

It's with Paragraphs!

Paragraphs organize your writing to better communicate to your reader, not only the information you want to get across but the purpose and/or passion behind your writing.

Paragraphs also tell the reader when you are changing ideas.

Basically, paragraphs are like the road map to your story.

All paragraphs start with a topic sentence. This sentence tells not just about your big idea, but what specific topic within your big idea you will be talking about in this part of your writing.

Then we need the supporting details...

evidence to your topic sentence.

End your paragraph with a concluding sentence

This let's the reader know why your information was important and that you are done talking about this idea. Concluding transition words and phrases in the sentence help conclude the paragraph.

Now you know how to create great paragraphs!!

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