The Water Cycle By Mr. Hendershot


Precipitation is the part of the water cycle where water is a liquid. The water forms in the clouds and becomes rain, snow, sleet or hail and falls to the ground.

Solid Precipitation

If it is cold enough, the water that falls from the sky will freeze and become a solid, or ice. Solid precipitation could be in the form of sleet, snow, or hail.


Evaporation is the part of the water cycle where water becomes a gas. The sun heats up all the water collected on the ground and turns it into a gas, bringing the water back into the sky.


Condensation is the part of the water cycle that turns the water back into a liquid. The air cools down the gas that the sun heated up and begins to turn into liquid again, forming clouds in the sky.

Where can I find water???

You can find water almost anywhere on Earth! It exists on the ground, in mountains, at beaches, in plants and animals, and even in you!
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