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Callie or Calypso, my daughter's dog is 16 years old and continues to walk, play, and perhaps, reflect every day. Hope she can be my inspiration as I start a new "act" for my career. Love working with indesign and loved my first week assignment.

Assignment for Week One

I am experimenting with substituting healthier ingredients in cooking. In this example, I substituted a banana (70 calories) for a half a cup of sugar (360 calories) and cut down on flour. Also used generous portions of fresh blackberries and cut back on chocolate chips. Using InDesign I added an original graphic and recipe. I photographed my ingredients and added text.

Presenting my music poster

I decided to go with some music I really love even though it does not have a particular band or group that would play it in concert. Song Catchers is also the name of a movie that documents the work of the people who work to preserve the culture and songs of the rural mountains.

There was a lot of learning in photoshop and layering in InDesign. Pretty satisfied with pictures, removing backgrounds and manipulating color and transparency.

Final Reflection

For me at this point in my life this course was extremely helpful. What I am trying to do is begin a new career in digital media either in instruction, evaluation, professional development of others, or as a provider of digital media. My learning style is very attuned to hands-on learning and I learn from doing it myself and also from watching others. The videos are extremely helpful and the recordings allow me to check up on my understanding. I definitely see the value to students. They can choose different ways to express their learning and different ways to access the instruction. I think InDesign is an extremely useful and flexible tool and love using Adobe Spark. I look forward to demonstrating their uses to others.

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