Annabelle's Awesome adventures of Meme's

definition of HOME: this is a place where the WiFi automatically connects

when bae is outside but your grounded be like:

when your mom comes in, leaves, and doesn't shut the door:

when your friend says "how can make-up make anyone ugly" be like

Do you see now??

I've held in the pain too long....

when someone says doughnuts and there isn't really doughnuts

the counjuring be like:

Created By
Annabelle Ragan


Created with images by - "Kitten" • tejasp - "wifi wireless device wi fi" • push 1 - "good morning!" • Freepht - "cat animal tabby" • blue_j - "Fish Lady ornament" • A. Pagliaricci ♦ - "Nightmare" • r.nial.bradshaw - "knife-slasher-horror.jpg" • fradellafra - "lost place horror abandoned building"

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