Stock Market Project

In my research I discovered that the stock market is an exchange between investors (owners of stock) and interested buyers. These buyers want to buy at a specific price and the investors who want to sell at a certain price. The buyers would want to buy low as possible so it's cheapest, and the sellers want to sell it high as possible because then they make the money. In the stock market there are a lot of buyers and sellers, and the stock price of a company depends on what buyers agree to buy at and sellers agree to sell . This price must be the same. What people will buy/sell depends almost entirely on how they will think the company is going to make a lot of money in the future.

Stage 1- Research TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD - It is an Israeli company develops and manufactures semiconductors and integrated circuits for the electronics industry . I chose this company because this company that is not decreased at this moment and I think it is going to gain a lot money in the future .

ELBIT IMAGING LT - Elbit Medical Imaging Ltd, is a holding company with activities in real estate, medical imaging, hotels, shopping malls, and retail. I chose this company because of the rate that keeps going up and I think it is going to stay like this .

BANK LEUMI LE- ISRAEL B.M - This is an Israeli company , I chose this one because this is very successful bank in Israel. When I wanted to invest I discovered that this is a privet company and I couldn't invest .

Which companies are doing the best in your portfolio? Which are doing the worst? The best company is TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD , the worst company is Macdonalds .

What reasons can you identify to explain the performance of each of your investments?

What are some of the changes you have made to your portfolio? Did you buy or sell any stocks? If so, please explain the reasons why

I sold Ebay and Netflix because their percentage were really low , and I bought Amazon because the percentage were really high .

At this point as you continue to invest in this project, what would you like to change about your current portfolio? Why? I would like that the percentage will increase and not decrease, but I don’t want to buy more companies , maybe only to sell.

Portfolio Value Chart
30 days chart

Reflection part 4

The best company were TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD and McDonald's Corporation because these companies are the only one who didn’t decrease. Although all the other companies were in decreased the companies that decrease the most were ELBIT IMAGING LTD and Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The reason I can identify to explain the performance of each investments is that probably the companies lost a lot of money.

If I’ll redo this project I’ll do more research and I’ll check what companies are now increase for a long time . I would probably wouldn’t invest again in the same stocks except one which is the TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD because it increase a lot from the moment I bought it . For me, I learned that I need to cut the ones that losses rapidly, avoid high PE stocks avoid tech stocks also for the most part, try not to have more than 30 stocks in your portfolio because it takes too much effort to keep track of them, keep replacing the underperformers and replacing them with stocks with greater potential


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