Dashes and Ellipses By: Paige kinnane


* this is what a dash looks like

A dash is formed usually formed by putting two hyphens (--) together. Don't use spaces before or after the dash.

Uses: Indication of a break in thought or sentence structure, alerting two clauses, hesitation, and to summarize or communicate additional information.

Ex. I love to eat otter pops--as long as they're the grape flavor.


*This is what ellipses look like

An ellipsis is formed by three periods/dots put together. Use a space between each dot and before and after the whole ellipsis. (Plural is ellipses.)

Uses: indication of the omission of a word from a sentence, a group of words from a longer quote, or a while section out of a longer section, to shorten a sentence, add a slight pause in speech, show dramatic effect, and silence or to add a pause, and add an unfinished thought.

Ex. If you should find this diary, will you please keep it safe for me, because some day I hope. . . .

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