AIDS Is Knocking Creative Director and Executive Producer

AIDS Is Knocking

“AIDS Is Knocking” - Project in collaboration with Rabuor Village Project. Produced a visual experience to impact perception about victims living with AIDS. This small American/Kenyan NGO. needed collateral to visually tell the story of their efforts in the region.

Here are a few of accomplishments of Amanda Koster, the projects Creative Director and Executive Producer:

▪ Culled a massive body of documentary-style collateral telling the story of how one village was coping with the devastation of the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the crippling poverty that accompanies it

▪ Focused heavily on ethical journalism and pre-production with NGO to identify willing participants in country

▪ Identified and enlisted a small, local team to assist the production video and multimedia content

▪ Awarded second place in international LUCIE awards, several national grants, and raised more than $10,000 in

funding from public and private sources

▪ Traveling exhibitions, newspaper articles, TV interviews and public speaking at high schools and universities.

Team: Amanda Koster (Executive Producer), Rabuor Village Project, Loyce Mbewa-Ong’udi (SME and Seattle production support), Kennedy Ong’udi (Kenya production support), Sara Teitelman, MPH (production support), Letitia Reason, PhD (Medical Anthropologist)

Project description: I became frustrated and fearingly desensitized with the statistics around the Millions of AIDS orphans in Sub Saharan Africa. So, I strategized a project to document and give a face to these statistics. I collaborated with Rabuor Village Project while living and working in Takaungu, Kenya on another project. Rabuor, Kenya (near Lake Victoria) is a region greatly affected by HIV/Aids and extreme poverty.

Funding: self and private donors, Rabuor Village Project, Kodak, Glazers Camera, Ivey imaging.

Select awards: International IPA Lucie Awards: 2nd place ‘people’ (All 8 entries), Society of Professional Journalism (national): 1st place photo essay, “It Takes a Village”.

All photos © Amanda Koster.


All photos © Amanda Koster.

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