A day in the Life of senior Quentin Apple Created by: Audrie Hardin

Senior Quentin Apple stays busy most of the time, because he completes his homework, works, and loves hanging out with his many friends. "I can't wait till school is over," said Apple.

Quentin playing his Xbox one. "I'm concentrating on beating the game," said Apple.

Apple is always playing his games in his free time. He hates it when you interrupt him. His gaming level is better than ever. Apple tries hard in school and pushes to graduate this year. He wants to beat school like he beats most of his games.

Here is his tired fingers from playing his games. He bought this controller himself. "Hard work pays off," said Apple.

He relaxes when he isn't working and with friends or family. Apple works most of the week and is exhausted after so gaming is his way of relieving himself for the next day. He works mostly after school so he doesn't have much time for anything else. Well , I mean besides school.

He is pointing at one of his favorite games. Quentin likes to collect game posters. "I hang most of the posters I get around my room," said Apple.

He also collects comic books about superheros and different things. Apple holds a strong collection of his comic books and things related to them.

Quentin sits on the floor making his decks to play against people. He bought a pack of cards and he stumbled upon a eighty-five dollar card and he was really happy. "I love playing with my friends and family," said Apple.

He collects magic the gathering. Quentin plays this with his friends a few times a month. Apple talks with his friends about things related to his "magic" at lunch sometimes and they enjoy laughs together.

He is about to go into work at Wendy's. Quentin works in the grill part and is a cashier sometimes. "The worst part is I have to work on the weekends sometimes, but I get paid more so it works out," said Apple.

He works at Wendy's about five to six times a week and gets paid every two weeks. "I don't really like to close because you have to clean up and sweep the floors," said Apple.

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