Composition rules By kayla lipscomb

1.) Rule of Thirds

The mountain and tree make up the thirds.

2.) Symmetrical Compositions

using a symmetrical composition can reinforce strong lines and make the image more powerful

3.) Diagnols/lines/curves

Using strong diagonals in an image makes it more dynamic and produces a stronger impact on the viewer.

4.) Leading lines

any converging and leading lines may be used to bring the eye to the main subject.

5.) Triangles

using a dynamic triangle composition as a good way to add impact.

6.) Distortion

This works best for architecture or landscape images with strong graphic elements, this photo displays how it can be an advantage

7.) Frame

The trees naturally frame the city
Errors in composition

1.) poor focal point

We must draw the viewer’s eye exactly to where we want it There's no basis to the photo.

2.) Poor depth of field

Nothing stands out even though the gnome is in focus
Created By
Kayla L

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