Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Robert Delk

MEDIUM OF ART/ TECHNIQUE OF THE ARTIST: Seeing The work titled "City Blocks" by artist Bertram Hartman was a great opportunity. Being able to see the fine details of his painting in person took the beauty of it to a new level. I questioned myself as I looked at the painting, wondering how a painting could contain this much detail yet maintain the style of the artist. Seeing a painting that looks all too familiar too my eyes, thinking back to my past about the time I once lived in a city was a very pleasant journey.
DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: The Harn Museum was very well laid out. The layout provided ease of direction and an atmosphere that almost seemed to pull you towards the awaiting art ahead. The many windows throughout the museum allowed for the outside light to seep in with glorious results. This natural light was very fitting, and enhanced many of the art pieces displayed.
ART AND CORE VALUES: Above is with out a doubt my favorite piece from the Harn. Titled "Las Tres Antillas" By Cundo Bermudez. When I first began to look at this artwork, I said to myself "What is it supposed to be of?". As I continued to stand their staring at the silkscreen, I began to notice part of the human body. A hand here and a foot there. I then began to see what the artist had done. I saw Three humans very discreetly hidden within the Silkscreen. I sat and thought of what this painting could mean. I was able to draw the connection within myself realizing, It reminded me of love. Some people may look at someone and only notice what they want, but when they take the time to look deeper they find what others cannot see. This is how I picture love to be, and "Las Tres Antillas" displayed it very well.
ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: The Good Life is reached in many different ways, and can be different to each individual. A piece of art named "A Cast Of Thousands" by Sebastiao Salgado was a very real account of many hard workers "fighting" to achieve the Good Life. This picture says a lot, and is very touching to me. Many individuals in the picture are working very hard to work towards a goal. What that goal is? I do not know, but being able to work together and fight for the completion of a task as a group is essential in achieving the Good Life.

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