Final Portfolio by anthony davis

In my cover photo I took some of the texture pack and I used it around the sides to make it look unique. I took this photo in my front lawn and I had to get the trees on the left in their too because to give it more detail. This one is probably my best one because it uses more of the qualities then any other photo. It has shadowing in it, it also has bright and dark lights. Another thing is the detail or texture. That would be the best in the photo and the texture of the photo would be rough.
still life
I chose this one because of the colors and the texture. I just had to get this photo because I wanted to make it old looking. Most of my still life photos are old looking anyway and I had to get this one looking more old fashioned then the others. There is also a lot of shadowing too, the shadow reflects off of the vases and puts out a magnificent color.
straight on
I caught this photo because it catches the mood of the subject. his mood shows that he does not care and or he is mad. It show the boringness of the subject. I also like it because of the placement of him. He is in front of an old looking house. I do need to make it a little more interesting.
This ones also one of my best because I used a lot of creativity in here. I used different colors to make it look more interesting. This photo also shows some texture on him like his coat and his book bag. This one also has some shadowing around his chin. Some mistakes i have made would be the lining of the eyes.
Personally this is one of my favorites because it shows a lot of my creativity and with the horoscope. the picture in this one is one of my photos from the birds eye view challenge. I took certain parts of the photo and repeated them. Therefore giving me a horoscope image of the tree.
This is another one of my best because in this photo their is a lot of bright colors. Also in this one the mood set here would be happy and delighted. In this photo the contrast to me is the best of the photo. the background is very open to me. This photo has a lot of pretty colors as of the blue in the sky.
This is another one of my photos that is widely opened spaced. The colors on this one is to me too dark but i like the brightness not to dark or to bright. I got this one on my way from boonville. I got out of my car and snapped a lot of photos because I didn't know which one I would need.
In this photo the mood is for here is sad or frightened. This is one of my most sinister photos and i wanted to use this one because it was close to my first. This photo was taken in my front yard and i got it at the peak of dawn. If i would've waited anymore longer i wouldn't have got such a beautiful photo.
I chose this still life photo because i wanted to show the texture of the photo. I took this photo in my dinning room because the wall to me went right along with the color of the boots and the saws. The texture of the photo is rough and rugged. To me the photo makes me think that this is hard working and tough.
My last but not least is my look away photo. In this photo I made it black and white to go with the background. The subject is leaning on a old building probably from the 1950's. I put the black and white in their to go with the building and the town. I also put it in their because it makes it look like the town has a history and makes it seem the subject has a story or background with the town.

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