Giovanni Bellini By Giovanni Senat

Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini was born in 1430 CE. He was born in Venice, Italy.He died on November 29th, 1516 CE in Venice, Italy.His hometown is Venice. He spent most of his life in Venice, but traveled to Pesaro which is on the Adriatic Sea. He also went to Urbino which is close to Pesaro.Education, Lifestyle: Bellini grew up in an art family. His father and older brother were artists. Although he had artists around him he did not learn a lot from them because Giovanni Bellini was the forgotten child. He got married in 1453 to Andrea Mantegna who also had an artistic family. Bellini learned from Jacopo, Mantegna’s father who has famous sketchbooks.Types of art: He created paintings. He did paintings that contained Humanism and naturalism. Allegory (ca. 1500)St. Francis (ca. 1478)Madonna of the Trees (1478) He was greatly influenced by Mantegna, when he was working in Padua. Humanism is used in his paintings. He uses human pathos in his paintings. Bellini uses naturalism with his use of tempera and nice background of forests in his paintings.

The name of the painting is Madonna and Child. The painting was created in the late 1480's. It is not located anywhere, not on display. It is in some books around the world. This painting had a very nice sky and background. Oil paint was used in the painting and it is also asymmetrical. The piece has Mary holding Jesus. Jesus, the baby, is looking at his mother, Mary, while Mary is looking straight ahead at the viewers. Mary is wearing the color that she is known for wearing, blue. Jesus is not wearing and clothes and there are waves in the background with a beach and a sky full of different kinds of blues. Humanism is used in this painting the most because of the connection between Jesus and Mary. I like this painting because it has Jesus and Mary and nice houses in the background.

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