HARN Muesuem Nicole Polisar

Sculpture by John Chamberlain

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: Seeing the sculpture made by John Chamberlain (Untitled) in person was a much better experience compared to just viewing this piece through a picture. The whole thing is made completely out of aluminum foil so the entirety of the sculpture consists of different shapes. The added texture of aluminum foil being crushed creates an interesting viewing piece because there are sharp edges and shapes while the individual pieces are smooth. Moreover, the colors in person are extremely vibrant that a camera cannot capture. The artist painted each aluminum figure separately so that when all the pieces were put together, the sculpture was an array of rainbow. Since the sculpture was made out of different aluminum shapes and colors, I felt the story being created was the unity of different types of people coming together as one. This artwork made me feel inspired because it communicated such a strong, encouraging message using a creative medium.

My favorite exhibit design

Design of the Museum: My favorite exhibit was the ceramic and pottery display because before I even entered the room, I was struck with how beautiful this room was. The room was made completely out of dark wood and the far wall, across from the entrance of the room, is entirely a window. This creates a breath taking first impression of the display especially when the sun shines into the room, casting natural light onto the artwork. The window also allows additional art to be shown, the gorgeous garden outside that the window presents. Majority of the art pieces were displayed along the walls in cases since they were ceramic figures and pottery pieces. This allowed for an openness of the exhibit so that patrons do not feel crowded or overwhelmed. Moreover, this had put more emphasis on the two huge sculptures placed on the floor in the center of the room.

A painting named Dos Niños that reminded me of my childhood

Art and Core Values: The artwork that really stood out to me was an oil on canvas painting called Dos Niños by Jesus Guerrero Galvan. This painting reflects my core value for family and love along with a little bit of loss. The artist depicts two children playing games at a table which reminded me of my sister and I when we were younger. When vising my Granny, we would always play games with old figurines and matryoshka dolls just how these children are playing with figures close to their culture. Additionally, the way the painting was displayed reminded me of numerous artwork my Granny had hung up in her house. This brought up feelings of happiness and love from my childhood. However, this also filled me with a feeling of loss for my childhood because I am no longer able to visit my Granny. Dos Niños helped me better understand my love I have for my family and how I never want to lose them.

Painting called Negros y Mulatas that depicts the good life theme celevration

Art and the Good Life: The good life theme created in Negros y Mulatas by Pedro Figari is celebrating. This painting shows the common subject of local celebrations Figari would often create because he lived in the Rio de Plata region of Uruguay and Argentina and would witness them on the streets frequently. This oil on board shows women in thick, colorful, beautiful dresses along with two men dressed nicely. The ladies seem to be dancing and talking across the room to each other, clearly in a happy, fun mood based on their hand gestures. There is one man playing the accordion which obviously details that music is being played in the room. This work evokes the theme celebration by depicting a close group of people enjoying music and each other’s company. This enhances my understanding of celebration because I can see through the painting the way music affects people physically and not just emotionally. Additionally, the artwork improves my appreciation for celebration because I can see that celebration brings people closer together because they have a common happiness.

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