The Dragon of the Shadow City Ever wonder what information the Dragon of the Shadow City holds? Well, this website will teach you all you need to know about this fabulous new adventure story.

Characters: Did you want to know the main characters of this story? Review this page!

Avery: A 12 year old girl that recently lost her grandfather and father. Only heir to the role of protector of shadow city. Really close friends with Conner, the dragon, and Dodge, the shadow.

The Shadow City

Conner: A "12 year old boy" who is actually disguised. His real form is as a dragon in the Shadow City. Protector of the O'Glean family for thousands of years. Can take on any form in the real world.

Dodge: A shadow that died more than 100 years ago. A guard of the O'Glean castle in the Shadow City and friend of Avery. His job in the Shadow City is to help support the barrier that hides the Shadow City from the view of the real world.

Jardik V.: The main villain in this story. Made entirely of plants, Jardik can pass through the Shadow Realm as he pleases. In the real world, he can go into plants and control them.

As the Wise Ones prophesied: "This darkness creeps to us, calling out our name, until one day we will see again." (Passage #2)

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In the beginning, Avery is in her small town of Cladesdale. Then, she is taken to her grandfathers burial grounds. Finally, she is taken into the Shadow City for the adventure of a lifetime.

Plot: A 12 year old girl name Avery loses her grandfather. At the funeral, she meets a mysterious boy who tells her is name is Conner.


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