Jacob Martin

I am a professional PC and counsels gamer. This is my pc setup

I play multiple different games, like unturned, team fortress 2, CS:GO

I am a Professional Team Fortress 2 player. I what we call "Maining" classes in the community, and I main the classes heavy and Soldier.

I mastered what's known as rocket jumping. I use it for market gardening which is using rocket jumping in a mean of hitting people while plying in the air with your shovel from your rocket jump. It took me years to practice and master it.

I do a lot of out doors stuff, like hunting, fishing, trapping

For trapping, I mostly catch coyote but once and a while I'll catch a bobcat.

But my greatest catch was a wolf. I was up in Tipler at deer camp. The trap was set not even maybe 200 yards away from camp. We called the DNR, they tagged it and I got to name it. I didn't have a good name on hand, but I remember one of my good dogs I use to have named Yukon, so I named it that.

I'm also really big into guns. Anything ranging to homemade 22. Grease guns to fully automatic AR's.

I dont own that many, but I am still and always beenthusiastic about them.

And that's about everything about me.

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