INNOVATIVE MEDIA By Atiqah Syasya Janathan [0320566]

Hi I'm Syasya and I'm currently taking my bachelor's degree in broadcasting. I'm looking forward to learn and gain knowledge from this module!

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Tom & Jerry War

Group photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content

4 Ways a Teen Can Say No to Drugs


There comes a time in almost every one's life when they are confronted with drugs. Unfortunately, saying no to drugs is actually a lot easier said than done. Sometimes, a simple "no thanks" may not be enough. Whether you're at a party or hanging out in a group, it can be hard to say no especially when the ones offering are your friends.

But believe it or not, it is possible to say no to whatever drug that is being handed to you without being labeled as the party pooper. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to resist peer pressure to take drugs!

1. Keep yourself occupied


Find something to do to make yourself look busy. Get up and twerk dat ass! It's less likely that you'll get pressured if you look like you're having a good time at the party.

2. Tell a white lie


Try telling them that you’re sick or that you'll have a bad allergic reaction to the drug. Chances are, they would probably even stay away from you. Be creative!

3. Make a reasonable excuse


“I have to (drive back my Lamborghini / visit my great great grandmother / neuter my rabbit etc.). I can’t do that after a night of drugs.”

4. Blame your parents


If all else fails, just blame your parents! Trust me, they won't mind at all. Tell your friends how your parents are gonna whoop yo ass when they find out you've been having drug parties instead of group studies at Felicia's house.

Exercise 3: Infographics

Used red to portray danger, yellow to highlight or emphasize.


Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile app name: Delish On-the-Go

It is an online food ordering app that allow users to just easily tap and choose from various choices of food from many different restaurants. It functions by directly connecting users to restaurants around their area and delivers what they ordered straight to their doorstep.

1. Splash screen

Once the app is launched, the screen will display our app’s logo and slogan.

2. Homepage

Users will then be directed to the main page that displays the 7 features of our app which are the Order Now, Promo, Restaurant, Location, Fan Wall, as well as About Us and FAQ buttons.

3. Order Now

Users can choose from a range of food categories then place an order from the selected menu.

4. Promos

Users get to check out and enjoy the latest dining deals, discounts and promotions from different restaurants that are in this app.

5. Restaurants

Allow users to find more info on the restaurants covered by our app, such as their history, products and so on.

6. Fan Wall

This is our app's special feature where users can upload photos, share their reviews about the service and also see posts uploaded by other users themselves.

7. Location

Users can find a list of areas in Malaysia that our app covers for the delivery service.

8. About us

This page displays a short introduction about our app.

9. FAQ

This page shows a list of the Frequently Asked Questions by our users/customers.

Assignment 2: Video

Adventure to the hidden gem

Pulau Ketam is one of the place in Malaysia that provide fresh and delicious seafood dishes. In addition, this place also has the best opportunity for visitors and tourist to witness and experience the rural side of Klang. The objectives for this social page is to gather seafood lovers around the world in order to have a whole new experience of the sea.

Target audience: Travellers, seafood lovers, tourist, local family, backpackers, chefs

The importance of your social media page through video content-concept & idea :

Putting our experience to advertise the social page about the location and also at the same time trying the food that is available only in the location and not anywhere else.






Video: Adventure to the hidden gem

Group photo

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers


Brief explanation of my concept: Pear Bear was born with pear-liked skin, hence the name Pear Bear. Mama bear had consumed too much chlorophyll while she was expecting him which resulted in his green appearance. Just like any other ordinary teddy bear, Pear Bear's purpose is to provide lots of cuddles to his master.

1) Sleepy

Pear Bear loves taking naps while he waits for his master's return.

2) Happy

Pear Bear becomes happy when he hugs his master.

3) Sad

Pear Bear becomes sad when he gets neglected by his master.

4) Working

Pear Bear earns money from his part time job to buy his master more cuddles.

5) Angry

Pear Bear gets angry to scare off the monster under his master's bed at night.

6) Confused

Pear Bear becomes confused as to where his master goes during the day.
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Atiqah Syasya Janathan


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