Fastback Beach by Shrell smith matheson


  • Miles-main character and who loves hot rods
  • Mackenzie (aka) Kenny-Miles girlfriend who also knows a lot about cars
  • Miles mother- tries to do everything for Miles that she can a;so who gave birth to him
  • Larry- miles best friend kinda of a trouble maker has a lot in common with Miles
  • Spider- the trouble maker steals car parts not a good person
  • Ms.Kirkpatrick- Miles probation officer also her car was stolen
  • Ned -Miles community service who also worked in hot rod and has one


In the being of the book fastback beach the Setting takes place on a late night by some apartments. later on in the book fastback beach the setting takes place at Ned house where Miles cleans out there basement. finally around the end of the book the setting takes place on the beach with a large bon fire and lots o people

In the book Fastback Beach, Larry Spider and Miles stole a Mustang Convertible then mistakenly crashed it. Larry and Spider got out and left Miles behind. Lucky Miles was not hurt. The police came and arrested Miles. When Miles went to court since it was his first offence Miles only was given 100 hours of community service and probation before was given a chance to leave his PO (probation officer) Ms. Kirkpatrick stopped him and told Miles that he has a meeting with The Olds. The people he will be doing his community service for the next week or so. Miles takes Kenny home and asks her on a date to the dance she says yes. Miles especially likes her because Kenny is good with car. The next day or two miles wakes up late and forgets that he has a meeting with Ms.Kirkpatrick for his community service so he gets a call its Ms.Kirkpatrick telling him that he has 5 minutes until she gets there and he better be ready so miles is ready and he see that she has a really nice car then they go to the house for community service he later finds out that he likes it Miles and Ned start talking about interest and Miles brings up how he likes cars and how his dad was a big hot rod Ned likes hot rods and wants miles to help him fix up his hot rod a ford coup Miles likes the idea later that night Miles goes home and his mom and Jeff (her boyfriend) tries to talk to him because they don't want miles getting into anymore trouble so they want to keep him in line but Miles doesn't care he leaves Larry picks him up Miles is a little upset how he was left in the car when everything went down instead of fighting they go to Meagan party Miles,Larry,Kenny and Spider are there Miles and Spider went on the deck Miles ask Spider why they left him. and Spider says that he had trouble with the police in the past.but Miles wasn't buying it Miles got angry and punched him in the face. Spider tries to get back up and get a knife out but everyone comes out and stops it Larry takes the knife away from Spider. Miles goes back to Neds to help with the hot rod someone stole Ms.Kirkpatricks car no one know who it was the next day before the big opening someone stole the hot rod and the only people who actually know about the car was Larry and Kenny Miles get angry and and goes to the beach and fines out that Larry stole the hot rod and Ms Kirkpatricks car the police comes and arrest Larry and Spider.


Created with images by Hugo-90 - "Hudson Terraplane" • swong95765 - "Mustang" • MikeBird - "mercedes car luxury" • wka - "Beach"

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