Glen Pehr Lofgreen

I was born September 28, 1919 in St. David, Cochise County, Arizona. My father is Edward Theodore Lofgreen and my mother is Rebecca Pederson.

I, like Nephi, was born of goodly parents, who I loved and still love dearly, even though both my parents have departed this estate and have returned to the spirit world from whence they came.

I don't like big cities, big crowds, freeways, traffic; I guess really, I'm just a country boy. I enjoy living and being where the air is clean, the country unspoiled, and where I can often be alone.

Closely related to my love for country life is my love for animals. I have always enjoyed being around animals and I even sometimes think there is a little understanding between them and me.

My parents were truly Scandinavian. My mother had Norwegian parents and my father was born of Swedish and Danish parents.

I am one of eleven children of my father and mother. The order of their birth is something like this: (I don't always remember names and certainly not dates.) Thora, Gladys, Agnes, Harold, Ione, Vivian, Edith, Joe, Ola, Glen, and Ouida May. At this time Thora, Gladys, and Agnes have died and have gone on to join Mom and Dad and at the rate time flies by it won't be too long before the rest of us will be joining them.

I have a unique situation in my family in that I have brothers and sisters who are not related to each other.

To explain, before my Mother married my Father she was previously married and had two sons by that marriage, their names are Basil and Cecil Smith. After my Mother's first husband died, she married my Father and as I have stated, eleven children were born to that union and I am one of those eleven.

Then my Mother passed away and Father married Dyantha Barney. Six children were born to them and they are Von, Dale, Leon, Dyan, Retha, and Theo. Although I am a brother to Basil and Cecil Smith and a brother to the six just named, Basil and Cecil are not related to the last six. But even though they are not blood relatives, all nineteen of us are sealed to Dad with thirteen sealed to Dad and Mom and six sealed to Dad and Dyantha.

I think I should tell how I came by my middle name of Pehr. My paternal Grandfather was named Peter Anderson Lofgreen and during the latter stages of his life he was unhappy because he hadn't a grandson named after him. My Mother was talking with someone while she was pregnant with me and she just happened to remark, "Can you imagine naming a baby, Peter?" Well, Grandfather overheard that comment and his feelings were hurt even more. When I came along, Mother still couldn't bring herself to name me "Peter" but she named me the Swedish equivalent of Peter which is "Pehr". That's how I got stuck with Glen 'Pehr' Lofgreen.

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