UAE is ready to welcome Tourist from 07th July 2020. 22 june 2020


The following information from the Dubai Media Office gives you all necessary guidelines for your arrival in Dubai from 7th July 2020

International tourists must:


  • Do a PCR test with a maximum validity of four days (96 hours) ahead of the date of departure.
  • They will be required to show proof of not being infected with the virus on arrival at Dubai airports. If they cannot provide proof, they will undergo a PCR test at the airport.
  • Have a valid health insurance to enter the country.
  • Print and fill the 'Health Declaration Form' and Quarantine Content Form before embarking.
  • Download the Covid-19 DXB app and register details. This is critically important since it facilitates easy coordination and communication with the health authorities if tourists experience Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Notes: Know that airlines have the right to refuse boarding at the airport of departure if they display any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Undergo thermal screenings at the airport.


  • If a traveller is suspected to have Covid-19 symptoms, Dubai Airports has the right to re-test to ensure the tourist is free of the virus.
  • It is mandatory for Covid-positive tourists to isolate themselves at an institutional facility provided by the government for 14 days at their own expense.

We will keep you posted for any update.

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