Tsunamis By Jada fejer

This is how a Tsunami starts. A Tsunami starts by a big wind over the ocean. The wind starts to suck all the water up into a huge hole!! The hole can be about 60 feet deep! The ground then starts to push the water up. All the water turns into three big waves that start crashing towards the shore. The ocean is a very powerful thing.

Now on to how dangerous they are! Did you know that a Tsunami can crush more than 15 houses in less than 10 seconds! WOW!! They can also crush a 50 foot building. Not just one building but two 60 foot buildings! Here’s another cool fact a Tsunami once crushed a 80 foot BUILDING!! 80 feet is about 1,000 centimeters!!

Almost down but here is how fast a Tsunami can be. Tsunamis can move as fast as 500 MPH! That’s faster than a speed boat! A long time ago one Tsunami was 700 MPH!!! That’s the biggest rate of a Tsunami. One last thing if you see that fast of a Tsunami RUN!!

Now on to the last thing MATH. Scientist have been working with Tsunamis for years! Scientists have been using the math to try and build something that won’t break in a Tsunami. Good luck a lot of people said. Tsunamis are super powerful if someone built something that strong they would win a prize! That would be awesome!! Hope you enjoyed learning about Tsunamis and their past!!


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