Spiderman VS. Hockey Puck Jodee Kitchen

Peter Parker was hanging out in New York during the winter time. He liked to watch the kids play hockey on the ice outside. He was in the suit just in case any thugs tried to pull evil stunts on the children. He was minding his own business, watching their game from a distance.
Like usual, one of the kids went a little crazy with his hit! Spiderman's spidey senses, though, were very good. He felt the puck coming from his spot of observance. He knew his next move was to dodge it!
He knew it would break the puck if he hit it away, and he didn't to blow his cover. He decided that simply jumping over it was the way to go.
Peter jumped over the puck and performed a sick flip. He didn't even touch the puck and it flew right under him. The kids were all shrieking because none of them wanted to climb in the snow to get it back.
As he jumped, he shot his web at a nearby tree, so that he could keep his balance for his landing. He looked at the puck as it flew quickly by him. He always thought it was fun when a kid hit the puck too hard.
He landed the sick flip like a boss. The kids didn't see him, and he felt accomplished. He loved performing tricks, even when no one was watching. The kids got the puck out of the snow and continued their game of hockey.


Created with images by gianfrancodebei - "spiderman hero comic"

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