Limit photography by brian grossenbacher

When you’re hunting in the shadow of Beaverhead Rock, pay close attention. Such a golden opportunity may come along only once. Good thing Willie the dog is by your side. He never loses focus. He sees ducks and geese approaching across the big sky and happily anticipates splashdown.
Drawn by decoys and calling, the ducks and geese arrive in fast profusion and at close quarters. By midmorning, you’ve got your limit. The shooting stops, even though the birds keep coming. Willie doesn’t understand limits. He is still focused on the ducks

Brian Grossenbacher hunted near Twin Bridges, Montana, with Rooster Leavens and Tyler Barrus. More of Brian’s imagery can be found at grossenbacherphoto.com.

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Gray's Sporting Journal MMN


Photography by Brian Grossenbacher

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