#RaisedRoyal Lindsay marvine

Some of my favorite places to go in Kansas City, MO!

All of my great friends from high school. We enjoy seeing concerts, going out to dinner, shopping, and sleepovers.
'Tis the season for the Royals! I am a Kansas City native and love supporting the Royals.
Every week my mom and I have at least one coffee and shopping date. Hammerhand is our all time favorite and local coffee shop!
This is my new family! My mom and step dad got married in 2015 and I gained a step brother, sister, and sister in laws.
If I am not at school I am probably working at one of my two jobs. I cashier at Price Chopper and also work at a Golf Course. Both of these jobs has led me to one of my best friends, Lindsey!
I used to attend Missouri State University and I had some of the greatest roommates.
In high school I was involved in dance and student council. Mr. Davis was one of my STUCO advisors and was one of my go-to people at school. I am still in touch with all of the people I met in this organization.
I enjoy working out..... and taking silly pictures with friends to prove it :)
Hope you enjoyed!

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