Comparison of Macbeth & Lady Macbeth BY: Kenard SMITH


Macbeth met 3 witches and they told him that he should be king and is confused at to what it going on.

Lady Macbeth, when she finds out about the calling for Macbeth to be king, her brain starts click with ideas.


Macbeth kiiled the king, "i have done the deed. didst thou not hear a noise?"

Lady Macbeth, is mischievous and affraid, "Go get some water and wash this filthy witness from your hand.


Macbeth, is acting like nothing has happened. "tonight we hold a selem supper, sir and i'll request your presents.

Lady Macbeth, is worried about Macbeth and his behavior, "you lack the seasons of all natures.


Macbeth, is seeking info about his future as king, "whatever thou art for they good cautions thanks; thou has happened my fear alright. But one word more.

Lady Macbeth, wants it to be done, "whats to be done.


Macbeth is scared for his life, "bring me no more reports; let them fly all".

Lady Macbeth is acting alone and innocent, "heres the smell of the blood still. All the perfume of Arabia will not sweeten this hand.

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