A Quest for Excellence an EXPERIMENTAL reflection by keaton carlson

Overall Reflection

On the whole this project is a highly beneficial experience. I learned a lot of time management and the different way as I can benefit my schoolwork and myself just by planning. Not only does project their deep and a school where but also covered every aspect of my life here on Clemson’s campus and in general everyday life. This product has a reason and that I met with a professor for the first time, which was very beneficial to my work. It also forced me to learn how I perform the best and how I should structure my life so that I can achieve higher standards in my aspirations as well as in my academics. Learning objective one was nice because it forced me to really breakdown how I think. This is something that I am not normally doing on a day to day basis. It also forced me to cope with how I am always very hard on myself and how I let that break my spirits and demoralize me. Learning Objective two was nice because it forced me to plan my life out which I never do. Having a plan reduces a ton of stress and makes life easier because it takes out the guess work. The other major aspect of my life that this portfolio brought to my attention was my past involving depression. It gave me reason to reflect on it, which is something I have not done in a long time. It was good for me because I looked back at how I grew through the emotional progression and how I conquered it. It also gave me opportunity to further distance myself from that emotional instability which is quite comforting. I was also able to show what I am capable of when I fully apply myself to a cause. To look back and see what I have accomplished fills me with pride. I am proud of the fact that I have created a piece of work that is true to who I am, and that is quite substantial. I attempted to complete every part of the portfolio with the fullest effort and passion I could muster, however some parts intrigued me more than others. The self-designed experiments were more interesting to me because I was able to let my imagination run with it. Also, meeting with Ms. McGregor was very informative, and helped me with my planning. This project as a whole was an extensive self study that was highly informative and helpful for me. It helped to, focus my efforts on molding myself into my best possible version, and it also helped me to face my past in order to prepare to conquer and control my future. The portfolio project equipped me with the tools necessary to take on college and the rest of my life.

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