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The Olympus Companies provides a financial advisor resource platform with tools and services that cover multiple disciplines. From Insurance to financial planning to qualified retirement plan tools, we provide access to the most cutting edge tech available today!

Life Insurance Tools

An industry standard

Our business is to accelerate and simplify sales, compliance operations and customer support. We automate processing for every stage of the business - from pre-sales, new business and underwriting to policy administration, point-of-sale execution, post-sale support and data analytics. Our unique and powerful aggregated community of more than 100 carriers is dedicated to enabling agents to secure the financial futures for their clients.

New in the industry and exclusive to Olympus
The new fiduciary standard for life insurance

Veralytic is an independent life insurance research company based in Tampa, Florida. We provide objective, innovative research solutions to help our customers sell faster, reduce costs and risk, improve consistency, and document due diligence processes against possible lawsuits and regulatory requirements.

Our research reports are based upon a patented "five star" rating system that benchmarks for suitability against a growing database of thousands of life insurance products and hundreds of life insurance companies. Our research has been trusted by dozens of brokerages and agencies across the United States representing billions in managed life insurance policies and assets.

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Production Dashboard

As an individual producer or group leader, you have access to the Production Dashboard. This tool gives real time access to case status for you as a producer and your downline.

Annuity Tools

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AnnuityRateWatch subscribers ( Individual Brokers, Registered Representatives, Home Office Personal) have access to our full Annuity Database and all Analysis Tools including Advanced Annuity Search filter and our Annuity Illustration System.

As individual subscriber you are empowered with reports, graphs, and detailed product information needed to effectively communicate and sell annuities to your clients.

You can enter client information and save it in your client database, search for products that meet your client needs, run illustrations, find the forms you need to write the case, and save them to your desk top or email them to your client.


Detail information on over 1,000 annuity products from over 60 different carriers

Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters

Hypothetical Fixed Index Annuity Illustration System

SPIA Quoting Engine retrieves multiple quotes direct from the carriers

Client Management System

Additional Resources and Technology

Property & Casualty Insurance has never been this easy!

Run quotes for any industry across any product line all in one place!

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The riskalyze planning tool is offered at no cost through a relationship with Olympus. Contact the Olympus home office for more information.

The BidMoni tool suite is offered to Olympus affiliates at no cost for the first three months. Contact the Olympus home office to redeem this offer.

EvoShare is an innovative tool used to help retirement plan participants contribute to their 401(k) accounts by spending. More than 20,000 retailers offer bonuses to EvoShare users at the point of purchase that gets added to the retirement plans of thousands of individuals across the country.

Financial Finesse is the original and most prestigious independent financial wellness solution that drives positive retirement outcomes for those that utilize their elite service.

Financial Finesse provides retirement plan participants and business owners analytics on the overall financial health. Scores are given to depict financial wellness across multiple topics.

Helpsy Health is the first virtual whole health nurse. Helpsy is an app delivered through smart devices with the ability to give users the power to not have to go to the doctor for nurse level care. This application provides an immediate solution for those that can not leave their office or home to visit a nurse. Users communicate directly with nurses and doctors to answer questions and aid in the progress of regaining health.

Marketing, Prospecting and Other Helpful Tools

Social Leads puts your social media database to work in an effort to identify possible leads with individuals you’re already connected with. This effective tool provides a steady flow people interested in the services you offer based on the artificial intelligence engine that identifies and informs the user of its findings.

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A vast array of calculators are accessible for various different circumstances. Contact the Olympus home office for access and training on these tools.


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