Motte and bailey castles Cian jowitt

Woden motte and bailey castles were made thousands of years ago. William the conqueror invaded England with 7000 troops.william the conqueor thought he was the boss.Three ready made castles where brought over . Other motte and bailey castles were made quickly. The normans were thereto show that they are going to stay.


Many years ago motte and bailey castles were made out of Wood could burn really fast . But they diverted it to stone because it could not birn fast. There are more key featuare on a motte and bailey castle

The bailey is a smalle village . The houses are made out of hay and wood.

Motte is earth dug up from the ground and the motte is made steep so enimeas can't climb it

A Moat is a water run in a dich filde up with water ad it goes all around the motte


There is a lot of difenseive things in a motte and bailey castles like a keep. A keep is a castle on a mound dug from some ground. A drawbridge is a gate made out of wood and metal that is at the front of the motte and bailey castle also a murder hole is a hole that you put poussin in . Palisade is a outer wall that keeps atakers and introuders from the castle ad the bailey . The arrow loops is mine holes in the castle wall were they shoot arows and gun bulluts

Everyday life

Life in a castle was full of jobs and activities such as master mason steward the nights men at arms skewers sirvent a sirvent is a prison who sieves the lord food and also chef . The master mason is a prison who dose stone work on the castles when they fall down .


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