Gideon Morgan Corriher

Step 1: Sin Before Gideon became a "judge" for the Israelites, they did wrong in the eyes of the Lord, most likely worshipping idols.

Step 2: Oppression When God saw the wrongdoing of the Israelites, He gave them over to the Midianites. The Midianites began to ruin the Israelites' livestock along with their crops and just ruined life for them. The Israelites soon became impoverished.

Step 3: Repent After becoming impoverished, the Israelites cried out to God for help, where God told them that He had specifically told them not to worship the idols of the Amorites, but they did not listen even after he brought them out of slavery.

Step 4: Deliverer God sent Gideon, son of Joash to be the "judge" for the Israelites. God instructed Gideon to take his army of Israelites and fight the Midianites for their freedom, assuring Gideon that his army would win. Gideon took his army and they defeated the Midianites, releasing the Israelites to freedom.

Step 5: Peace After defeating the Midianites, the land was subdued to the Israelites and did not raise its head again. There was 40 years of peace during the rest of Gideon's lifetime.

Gideon was very obedient when God first called upon him. In Judges 6, God asked Gideon to make an offering for God from a goat and Gideon did as the Lord asked, showing his obedience to God.

Gideon was very humble and absolutely did not think he was better than anyone else, even after God called upon him to be the "judge" for the Israelites. In Judges 6, even after God had instructed him and chosen him, he still feared his family and the townspeople, choosing to sacrifice the bull with his ten servants at night instead of during the day.

After the messenger proved that he was God, Gideon was in awe and feared that he didn't pay enough respect to God. He then built yet another altar in Judges 6 called "The Eternal-Is-Peace". Gideon realized that living in God's ways will always bring one peace and is something that he would carry over to his job as the "judge".

When God demanded Gideon to call upon his clan to assemble to fight in Judges 6, Gideon was courageous and sounded the trumpet immediately. Gideon had the courage invested in him to face the enemy head on.

Although Gideon being highly motivated was a great attribute in the attacks in Judges 6, it also was a negative attribute in Judges 8. When he learned of the death of his brothers in a previous attack in Midian, he decided to act on personal revenge and attack Midian instead of acting for God and for the benefit of the Israelites.

Since Gideon was brought in by God to deliver to the Israelites and get them away from their bad judgements, Gideon eventually made a sinful judgement himself which makes him contradicting. Gideon eventually created an idol at the end of his story in the Bible in Judges 8, an Ephod, that he worshipped. Gideon became the sinful part of the story and contradicted everything God originally brought him in to accomplish.

When God first called upon Gideon in Judges 6, Gideon questioned God's intentions. He constantly asked God why he was the one being chosen, when his army was so small and weak. He also exclaimed that there was no possible way that he could lead an army in that important of a battle to the Israelites.

When first requested to make an offering and sacrifice it by the messenger, Gideon was hesitant to the request. Taking place in Judges 6, Gideon cautiously asked the messenger who claimed to be God to wait patiently until Gideon gathered the offering. Gideon made sure to carefully infer everything that was going on in the situation to assure he was putting his faith in the actual God.

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