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BASD's Updates on Coronavirus / COVID-19

FAQs from the CDC in English and Spanish.

FHE Kindness Day 2020

On February 13th, FHE held our first ever "Kindness Day." Members of our community were invited to a morning filled with activities celebrating Kindness.

Representative Steve Samuelson visited FHE to help celebrate Kindness.
Mrs. Spirk's class gathering donation items that will be delivered to those in need locally.

5th Graders portrayed historic figures with a living "Wax Museum"

Miss Knepp and Mrs. Hoffman delivering Kindness Day donations.

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate KINDNESS!

Each month our Student Reporters select an FHE Staff Member to be our FEATURED TEACHER. They share their interview in this section of THE HILL.

Mrs. Olmeda

FHE Spanish Teacher

Below is the Student Reporters' interview with Mrs. Olmeda

Q: How many years have you been teaching at FHE?

A: 2 years

Q: What is your favorite Children's Book?

A: Tiki Tiki Tembo

Q: What are your hobbies when not teaching?

A: Read books and travel

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: blue

Q: What College(s) did you attend?

A: Moravian College and Drexel University

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Mac and Cheese

Q: Who was your hero while growing up?

A: My Dad.

Q: What is your all-time favorite lesson/activity to teach?

A: Science is my favorite, but my favorite lesson is making butter and ice cream

Q: What is one of your favorite memories from when you were in Elementary School yourself as a kid?

A: When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher let me teach math

Who will be our next FHE FEATURED TEACHER? Find out in the next month's edition of THE HILL: FHE's Digital Newsletter.

Our Principal Mrs. Stambaugh and The Hill Leadership Team use this section of THE HILL to share important news and announcements related to our FHE School Community.

Tiger families,

Can you believe that we made it through February without a snow day? The snow-free month of February allowed for events to run as planned! Three events spotlighted on our Twitter page, @BASDFtHill, are Kindness Day, the weeklong Zones of Regulation celebration and our Tiger Parents, @FHTigerParents, selling 740 dozen donuts, just in time for Fasnacht Day! Please visit our Twitter page and the PTA’s Twitter Page to see pictures from the events and other “Hill Happenings!”

Also, during February, Fountain Hill welcomed Mr. Garrett Podhyski to our Tiger Family. Mr. Podhyski is the new Dean of Students and has been a wonderful addition to our leadership team. If you have not had the opportunity to introduce yourself to him, he can be found outside supporting Mr. Flad and Mr. Snow at arrival or Mr. Maurer and Mr. Drey at dismissal. He is also available for our families during the school day. A letter from Mr. Podhyski was sent home to families, however, please see below for a friendly reminder about Mr. Podhyski’s philosophy.

My personal philosophy is short, direct, and powerful – “You can.” These two words, a combined six letters hold tremendous value. I believe “you can” be successful. I believe “you can” learn. I believe “you can.” I will always support you, I will always respect you, and I will always challenge you. I want you to become the best version of yourself, because “you can.”

- Mr. Podhyski

Mr. Podhyski and his family are getting ready to welcome a baby girl into their family. While Mr. Podhyski is out on paternity leave, Mr. McDonald and Miss Knepp will be working closely with me as acting Deans. Mr. McDonald and Miss Knepp are special education teachers at Fountain Hill. Both teachers will still be involved with their students throughout the day.

Fountain Hill Elementary School has experienced numerous faculty member transitions this year. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my dedicated staff for always keeping our students’ best interests at heart during each transition. The Fountain Hill staff goes above and beyond each day to make sure each child who steps foot in our school is safe, feels valued and has every opportunity to experience success!

As always, thank you for working closely with your child’s teacher and the Fountain Hill staff!


Mrs. Stambaugh

Familias de tigres,

¿Puedes creer que logramos hasta febrero sin un día de nieve? ¡El mes de febrero sin nieve permitió que los eventos se llevaran a cabo según lo planeado! Tres eventos destacados en nuestra página de Twitter, @BASDFtHill, son el Día de la Bondad, la celebración de Zonas de Regulación de una semana y nuestros Padres del Tigre, @FHTigerParents, que venden 740 docenas de donas, ¡justo a tiempo para el Día de Fasnacht! Visite nuestra página de Twitter y la página de Twitter de la PTA para ver fotos de los eventos y otros "¡Eventos en la colina!"

Además, durante febrero, Fountain Hill le dio la bienvenida al Sr. Garrett Podhyski a nuestra Familia Tiger. El Sr. Podhyski es el nuevo Decano de Estudiantes y ha sido una maravillosa incorporación a nuestro equipo de liderazgo. Si no ha tenido la oportunidad de presentarse a él, se lo puede encontrar afuera apoyando al Sr. Flad y al Sr. Snow a la llegada o al Sr. Maurer y al Sr. Drey a la salida. Él también está disponible para nuestras familias durante el día escolar. Se envió una carta del Sr. Podhyski a las familias, sin embargo, vea a continuación un recordatorio amistoso sobre la filosofía del Sr. Podhyski.

Mi filosofía personal es corta, directa y poderosa: "Puedes". Estas dos palabras, una combinación de seis letras tienen un valor tremendo. Creo que "usted puede" tener éxito. Creo que "puedes" aprender. Yo creo que tu puedes." Siempre te apoyaré, siempre te respetaré y siempre te desafiaré. Quiero que te conviertas en la mejor versión de ti mismo, porque "puedes".

El Sr. Podhyski y su familia se están preparando para recibir a una niña en su familia. Mientras el Sr. Podhyski está de baja por paternidad, el Sr. McDonald y la señorita Knepp trabajarán estrechamente conmigo como Decanos en funciones. El Sr. McDonald y la señorita Knepp son maestros de educación especial en Fountain Hill. Ambos maestros seguirán involucrados con sus alumnos durante todo el día.

La escuela primaria Fountain Hill ha experimentado numerosas transiciones de miembros de la facultad este año. Me gustaría aprovechar la oportunidad para agradecer a mi dedicado personal por mantener siempre en el corazón los mejores intereses de nuestros estudiantes durante cada transición. El personal de Fountain Hill va más allá de cada día para asegurarse de que cada niño que pise nuestra escuela esté seguro, se sienta valorado y tenga todas las oportunidades de experimentar el éxito.

Como siempre, ¡gracias por trabajar estrechamente con el maestro de su hijo y el personal de Fountain Hill!


La señora stambaugh

Mr. Podhyski & Mrs. Stambaugh
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100 Days of School

February 6th marked the 100th Day of School! Here are some of the ways we celebrated...

Happy 100th Day of School!
Pre-K celebrates 100 Days!
100 Days Smarter!
Celebrating 100 Days with Ms. Jones and her Kindergarteners
100th Day activities in Mrs. Bencker's class.

Leader In Me Breakfast

On February 6th, we held our 3rd Leader in Me Breakfast of the year. Families came out to celebrate students who showed leadership by Putting First Things First. Thank you to 4th Grade teacher Mrs. Dell and the FHE Student Lighthouse Team!

Thank you to all of our Tiger Families who came out to enjoy breakfast & support our leaders!

Thank You, Mr. Sanchez

This month we said good-bye to our Assistant Principal, Mr. Sanchez as he moved on to Broughal Middle School. We wish Mr. Sanchez the best and thank him for everything he did for our school!


Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Meckes will use this new section of THE HILL to highlight our after school programs, community partners, and services they provide for our students and families.

Questions about after school programming? Contact Mrs. Meckes: cmeckes@basdschools.org

Please contact Mrs. Hoffman: phoffman@basdschools.org

This monthly section of THE HILL will let readers follow in the tracks of our FHE Tigers to give a sense of what it's like to be a part of our family of learners and leaders.


Miss Bucciero using online tool "Pear Deck" to practice sight words in Pre-K with the help of Tech Coach Mr. DiCicco.


Spending time with Miss Stephanie from the Bethlehem Public Library.

1st Grade

Jayanna leading her classmates in the read, spell, write routine with high-frequency words.

2nd Grade

Mrs. Culligan's class celebrating Kindness Day.

3rd Grade

This 3rd grader from Mrs. Castignetti's class spent a day of indoor recess teaching classmates estimating & rounding.

4th Grade

Mrs. Bucchin was the celebrity guest reader in Mrs. Dell's class.

5th Grade

Alexis leading our school wide morning announcements over the intercom.

Related Arts

Around our School

Congratulations to ESOL teacher Mrs. Velez, on winning the Afterschool Champion state award through Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our PTA Krispy Kreme Fundraiser. Our PTA sold 740 dozen donuts!!!
Congratulations to our Leader in Me Award winners for the month of February! These students earned the most Tiger Tickets for Habit 4, Think Win-Win!!

FHE Reading Specialists will use this section to cover WONDERful reading techniques, strategies, and suggestions for our families to use at home with children.

FHE Reads At Home

Mention @BASDFtHill on Twitter and use the hashtag #FHEreadsAtHome or print your picture out and bring it to Mrs. O'Donnell to get your picture on the bulletin board! Keep Reading at Home!

Lehigh Valley Reads - Million Minute Challenge

Congrats to this FHE Tiger Family!

In this section of THE HILL, Mr. Drey and Mr. Dicicco will feature the awesome ways FHE students are learning, creating, and collaborating with the help of Technology.

First In Math

Earlier this month, Robert Sun, the inventor of First In Math, visited Fountain Hill to meet with students and staff. He gave us tips on reaching our FIM goals.

From First In Math:

"First In Math features hundreds of engaging games designed to strengthen fact fluency, automaticity, computational thinking and other critical skills. Whether students are working on addition or algebra, built-in practice GOALS keep your whole Classroom Team energized to sustain accelerated effort over time, forging a bond that encourages achievement and keeps them energized."
These 5th Graders have already earned a 100 Goals Index on the Intermediate level of First In Math!

Students can use the link below and log in with their CLEVER credentials to access their FIM account.

-Mr. Drey

From Mr. DiCicco:

Pear Deck

If your child comes home and talks about "Pear Deck," here is a little of what they are talking about....and Teachers....did you know about this new Pear Deck feature? Check it out.

With speed and spontaneity in mind, we’ve created a whole new way to create powerful engagement — Pear Pop! Pear Pop is the fastest way to get students to process, retrieve, and reflect during activities of any type. No time to prep? No problem! Pear Pop gives you an instant array of flexible, effective teaching prompts like bell ringers and exit tickets that work with a variety of topics and activity types

FHE Friday Morning News

Each week Mr. DiCicco works with 5th Grade hosts to produce our FHE Friday Morning News Show.

Mr. DiCicco and Mr. Drey


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