Minute Maid Fruit Punch

1. Filtered water comes from Lake Ontario.

2. Apples and pears come from a plant called Auvil Fruit Company, Inc. in Orondo Washington, USA.

3. Grapes come from a vineyard in France.

4. Pineapples comes from a plant Southern Brazil.

5. Citric acid and Vitamin C come from citrus fruit grown in Florida. They are processed in Florida and shipped to Toronto to be shipped anywhere.

5. Vinifera grapes from the Rocky Mountain are turned into grape skin extract by a process of

6. Corn-refining plants in the USA turn it into corn syrup and is turned into high fructose corn syrup by further process called enzyme conversion.

7. Sugarcane from the United States of America is made into sugar. (see map above for location)

8. All sent to Auburndale, Florida where the drink is made.


1. Trees from Northern Ontario to make paper. The trees go to pulp and paper mill in Iroquois Falls, Ontario and is made into cardboard.

2. Plastic is made from coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil. Coal and salt come from China. Natural gas comes from the USA and crude oil comes from Alberta. All of these are shipped to a factory to make plastic caps/lids.

3. The pieces are all put together at the Minute Maid beverage plant.


The Fruit Punch is then shipped to stores near you.


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