Way of the Future A reasonable Change

Tesla has introduced two cars to its fleet. The Tesla Model S (Top Right), Tesla Model X (big picture on bottom), and the upcoming Model 3 which is the top left photo.
Here is the Model S interior. It is equipped with a 17'' screen.
These cars are fueled by electricity through batteries. Here is a photo of a Tesla Model S charging at a supercharger.

On a more mechanical note, these cars do not have tailpipes. For this simple fact, these cars do not emitted fuel emissions.

When fuel emissions are released into the air, the atmosphere begins to heat. When the temperatures rise, glaciers begin to melt. When this happens, sea-levels rise and then begins to destroy species that rely on glaciers.

From this view we are all humans. It does not matter race, sex, or nationality. We must band together to bring back greener and prosperous days. The beginning lies at the simple investment of an electric car.

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Nicholas Conklin


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