It's Just a Game By Jake Provoyeur

“It’s Just a Game”

It was just the average Sunday for me. A soccer game around 12ish. We were always the average team. Not always winning, not always losing, but today was a big game. Away at the 1st place team. This would not turn out to be a friendly game.

Everyone was there on time for warm ups. This team looked a lot bigger than us. Also a lot smellier than us. Their goalie was the biggest kid on the team. Weren’t we just lucky? The game finally starts and we come out of the gate strong. Keeping the ball on their half for the first 10 minutes. They were not expecting us to be the dominant team. I don't think we were either. The team played very rough and dirty. One kid getting bodied down after the next. We were getting bullied out there. Finally, we started to retaliate and they backed off a little. The game very a very dull nil nil at half time.

The casual half time lecture came and went. As the second half begins, the team comes out of the gate hard. This was definitely a game of two halves. One of my teammates won possession back and passed it off. As soon as the referee turned around, my teammate gets an elbow to the back of the neck. Dirtiest one I've ever seen. Basically our whole team runs over confronting this kid after the ref blew the whistle for an injury. Since the ref didn’t see it, he couldn’t make a call. This put one of our better players out for the rest of the game. This had our whole team angry. The coach yelled to his players to calm down and it didn’t really work. Our team was getting a lot more rough. The momentum had completely changed.

As the game went on tensions began to run higher and higher. For all the times in this single hour we have been pushed, I pushed back, literally. I had finally had enough. As I started to make my run my teammate played the ball. As I was running as hard as I could I felt like there was a lock on my arm and my shirt was caught in a door. I would’ve been on a breakaway. I “never” missed a one on one with the keeper. I felt a rush of blood and anger through my body. Calm people refer to it as adrenaline. But this adrenaline was sprinkled with frustration and anger. It was a recipe for disaster. I immediately I stopped on a dime, turned and shoved with all my might. Within a blink he was on the ground. He looked absolutely shocked. He was not expecting to get shoved whatsoever. Especially by someone who happened to be almost a foot shorter than him. Yet again there was another scene on the field with both teams pushing, shoving, and yelling. Until one kid took it a step too far and sucker punched me while I wasn’t looking. I guess he didn’t have the common sense to look to see where the ref was before punching me. Lone behold, he got a red card and had to sit on the sidelines for the rest of the game. With 5 minutes left. It was 11 vs 10.

They began playing very defensive. Trying to see the game out. Finally, with two minutes left, they won a free kick. It was around the middle of our half. He took his time running up to the ball. He knew that they could win the game with this kick. He put the ball into the box for one of his teammates to try to shoot. Everyone seemed to jump for the ball as one. Though the tallest kid on their team leaped and headed the ball into the back of the net. Half the crowd and players in disbelief, half in joy and happiness. The players went wild. They did not deserve to win this game. With only under a minute left we did not have enough time to come back. All my teammates were disappointed the game ended. But I was thinking of the bright side. Now I could go out and get a good meal. I was starving. I was not happy with my actions even though I stood up for what I thought was right. I think I could've handled the situation better, but I can't take it back now. Don't sink to the levels of others.

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