2019 style trends New fashion at the U

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

2019 style trends are a big melting pot of clothing styles such as from the 80’s, 90’s, vintage, skater, artsy--all mixed with some contemporary.
“Beauty is found when we overlook the unknown,” junior Sophia Gielnak said, “and appreciate our differences.”
Vintage & Contemporary

“The mid 20th century is my biggest inspiration for my fashion,” junior Logan Lamphier said. “My style gets me to stand out a bit more and catch people’s eye.”

Vintage & Contemporary

“Beauty is found when we overlook the unknown and appreciate our differences,” junior Sophia Gielniak said. “I have always dressed the way I do for myself, and it’s a good approach to self expression.”


"The backpack kid is one of my biggest inspirations," sophomore Aiden Ketchum said. "I also love to dress in checkers; they go with everything."

Edgy & comfortable

“I find inspiration in seeing what others wear,” senior Julia Bartoy said, “and making it into my own style.”

Thrift & 90’s grunge

“I like to dress the way I do because I finally feel like it’s something for me,” junior Magan Leitermann said. “I now have confidence in what I wear, even if others don’t like it.”


“I like to dress in different style types,” sophomore Mackenzie Olmstead said. “I like the creative aspect of adding accessories and making the outfit my own.”

Grunge & Contemporary

“I prefer to dress in darker colors, but people should wear what they are most comfortable with,” junior Rhea Payne said. “I think wearing what you are comfortable with is key.”

Skater & Contemporary

“My biggest fashion inspiration is Ian Connor,” junior Derrick Ford said. “He makes me feel like I can dress and express myself how I want.”

80’s & 90’s

“I get really inspired looking on Pinterest and seeing so many outfit inspirations, and even just walking around at school,” junior Aidan Huyghe said. “Clothes allow everyone to have such a unique voice without even saying a word.”

“Fashion has nothing to do with name brands; it’s about coordination and fluidity of the outfit,” sophomore Mackenzie Olmstead said. “Putting together an outfit and adding accessories is more impressive than wearing one expensive piece of clothing.”
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