Gator Living FYF Final Project

I began my journey as a gator by moving into Mallory Hall in June, 2016 for Summer B.

Matthew Roof, Ladies and Gentlemen

Over the Summer B semester, my floor of Mallory became really close. The goofiest of all of Mallory 2nd floor and one of my better friends was Matt, pictured above being a hooligan. My classes during Summer B were easy so we did a lot of hanging around and having fun. I'm thankful for that because it really allowed me to get acclimated to life in college and on campus.

Despite how unhappy I look and how obnoxiously close up this picture was taken, Gamedays were by far the highlight of my freshman fall semester, and I have a feeling they'll be the highlight of fall semesters to come.

During the fall I decided to join a fraternity. Phi Kappa Tau has been great to me; I've made so many friends that I know will be friends for life. Hangin' with the bros has been the highlight of my spring semester.

In my remaining years at UF I'm looking to get more involved on campus by doing things I'm passionate about rather than doing things just for the sake of padding my resume. Through involvement and an open-minded attitude, I hope to become a well-rounded student with experiences of all kinds. Most of all, I hope that the rest of my time at UF is just as memory-filled as the first year has certainly been. So far, college life has certainly lived up the the hype.

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