Burgeo Band of Indians Annual Report 2018

Annual Report and photos submitted by Elaine Ingram

Following the 2018 election, the Burgeo Band of Indians is represented by the following people: Greg Janes-Chief; Gary Warren-Vice Chief; Kate Strickland-Secretary; Elaine Ingram-Treasurer; Ron Green-Community Councilor at Large; Larry Rhymes-Community Councilor at Large
"We continue to see a positive turn out at meetings with an average of twenty band members in attendance. In 2018, we received three grants which were put to good use in our communities"
The government of NL provided funds for a rattle workshop. On January 28, twenty five adults and five youth learned how to make their own rattles. Chief Greg Janes gave instruction on the teachings for this workshop. It was a fun filled learning experience that everyone enjoyed.
A grant from the Qalipu Culture Foundation provided for a moccasin workshop. On May 6th the band had thirty five adults and five youth take part in this event. The teachings were provided by Greg Janes, Elaine Ingram and Kate Strickland. For some, this was the first step towards making regalia
National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21 2018 at the Town Hall in Burgeo featured drumming, singing, flag raising and this tasty cake!
National Indigenous Peoples Day 2018
We continue have a strong interest in learning the hand drum and have come along way with our perseverance. We hope to have someone with more knowledgeable to visit Burgeo when weather improves to strengthen our teachings.
"On July 26th The Burgeo Band of Indians held a very successful fundraiser at the park during the Sand and Sea Festival. There were many donated items such as preservatives, meat, pickles and jams. We also had knitted items along with many craft goods. We had two beautiful items donated to us to sell tickets on which were a hand made hunting knife donated by Leonard Porter and a moose antler carving donated by Henry Hare. The monies raised helped us with events and workshops that we have been bringing to our community."

Colour and Culture Mawio'mi

On August 18th Burgeo put together its first Mawio'mi at the Sandbanks Provincial Park. This event showcased the many traditions and customs of the Mi' kmaq people. Many people from far and wide made the scenic drive to the beautiful town of Burgeo including Chief Brendan Mitchell.
Many customs were observed such as the sacred fire, pipe ceremony, water ceremony, storey telling, wampum belt, and the big drum.

Beautiful Dancers

Proud Drummers

Learning about the wampum belt

After a successful day of teachings everyone gathered at the parish hall for a meet and greet, and some teachings. Following was a feast of moose soup, sandwiches and desserts made from berries that were picked from our land. This was the first event we have taken on as a Band and judging from its success it will not be our last. The planing stage has already begun for this years Mawio'mi. Stay tuned for more information!
November 17th the band held a regalia making workshop which was sponsored by the Government of NL. There were so many people interested in participating in this workshop that Council had to make the decision to give priority to the drumming group and youth. Elaine, along with the help of Joy Warren and Kate Strickland, spent many weeks preparing the materials. Twelve participated in the workshop, and a total of twenty one Regalia's were made. The band hopes to offer this workshop again in the future to accommodate all those who were interested.

Thank you to all our sponsors, see you at the beach for Mawio'mi 2019!


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