Sunderbans By: Nimai bhat

Sunderbans: A World of Wonder

By: Nimai Bhat

The Sunderbans (also spelled as Sundarbans) is a vast and very scenic mangrove forest located in West Bengal and Bangladesh, West Bengal is a state in India and Bangladesh is a country. The Sunderbans is part of the world’s largest delta and formed by it. It is home to many interesting species like the Royal Bengal Tiger and a saltwater crocodile! There is one big question that will be answered, what would happen with the removal of one kind of living thing from this ecosystem? We will be talking about producers, consumers, relationships and food webs! So put your thinking cap on and let’s go!

There are many species in the Sunderbans including some like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Fishing Cat, King Cobra, Water Monitor Lizard, Black Capped Kingfisher, and otters. Usual producers in this ecosystem are the mangrove trees. These are just some of the plant and animals that are found in the Sunderbans. My animal in this essay will be the Royal Bengal Tiger. The Royal Bengal Tiger is a tertiary consumer and is at the top of the food chain. Royal Bengal Tigers prefer to eat deer, pigs, and buffalo but also they have rare encounters with humans and eat them.


The Royal Bengal Tiger has a predator-prey relationship with other animals. That means that the Royal Bengal Tiger is a predator of other animals, so it will eat the prey. The prey will usually be something like a deer, buffalo, sambar, and wild boar for the tiger. This is important in this ecosystems because it protects from overpopulation of other animals like the prey’s of the Royal Bengal Tiger. For example, the Wild Boar, Deer and many more. Overpopulation will result in the animals needing more food making the whole cycle go out of balance.


There are many different food chains in my ecosystem because it is so vast and there is so many different animals. A food chain is energy flow through all ecosystems. An example of a food chain is the sun goes to grass. The deer goes and eats the grass, and a Royal Bengal Tiger will eat the deer. Therefore, overpopulation of animals like deer, rabbits, and buffalo's. This would cause many problems, like the need for food, it would also drive the ecosystem crashing down.

There are probably many different species in the Sunderbans that we have not yet found. This is just one question but there are many more questions for many different ecosystems. In conclusion, if the Royal Bengal Tiger would be removed from the Sunderbans there would be overpopulation and too much competition for food leading to the ecosystem get overrun by animals like deer, rabbits, and wild boar.


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