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Concert Attire

Boys and girls concert wear

The concert wear is a little different for boys and girls. Girls and boys wear a school sweater and a white shirt. Boys wear ties girls wear a bow tie but there both red. Girls wear school skirts and boys wear school pants. Boys and girls wear school or dress shoes. Girls wear navey blue tights and never socks. Thats the concert wear.



There are different types of chours in this school. The choirs that i'm in is treble. Our choirs is in two parts. It makes it easier to learn new songs in more than one part. We also split the two parts into more for warm ups.


Major and minor scales

We use them in our warm ups everyday. We also use the scales for pitches. Sometimes we do activities with the scales so we can remember the syllables. There are hand signs that go with the syllables to the scales. That's all about the scalesĀ 


Notes (PItches)

How to find a starting note (Pitch)

First, you have to know what note your looking for. (Example: do). You start at the bottom of the staff. You only have to go one up because do is always the first line of the staff. You do the same thing for all the other notes you're going to find.

Concert prep

Concert prep

The first thing for concert prep is that you get called the day of the concert so you can practice the whole show. Second you have to put on you concert wear. Third you come in your concert wear for a last practice. Last it's show time. You go on stage and do your thing.


Leaving the concert

First we walk off stage. Second we go to the ballet room on the first floor. Third we are dismissed from the show. Then we leave or go home.

COmpare and contrast

Comparing and contrasting majors

Comparing and contrasting ballet and vocal


  1. In Vocal you sing
  2. Vocal has no uniform except for concerts.
  3. In ballet you dance.
  4. In ballet you have a uniform for practice and for shows.

Thats all of the contrasting.

Comparing and contrasting ballet and vocal


  1. In vocal and dance you use Music.
  2. In dance and vocal we have uniforms for concerts.
  3. In vocal and in dance we have to practice a lot.
  4. And dance and vocal we both have concerts.

Those are all the compares.

Comparing and contrasting majors

Comparing and contrasting orchestra and vocal


  1. Vocal and orchestra both have to read notes.
  2. Vocal and orchestra both use instruments.
  3. Orchestra and vocal both have concerts.
  4. Orchestra and vocal both have to practice a lot.

Thats all of the compare.

Comparing and contrasting orchestra and vocal


  1. Vocal uses their voice.
  2. Orchestra uses violins.
  3. Vocal has more notes than A,D,E,G.
  4. Orchestra only usesA,D,E,G.

Thats all of the contracts.


scale: A range of notes.

Do:oh note from the scale


  1. What do the boys wear for a show?
  2. What's one thing that's the same about orchestra and vocal?
  3. What is one difference about ballet and vocal?


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