Deforestation and the human effects By cate veitch

Rainforest Alliance is an organisation that is trying to inform people about the effects that cutting trees down has on the native people and the areas around them. They are trying to make the local people have a place to live while making sure there is still a high amount of rainforest area left so there is still a lot of oxygen being produced.

WWF is trying to eliminate deforestation threats, they're focused on ensuring that agribusinesses, governments and others meet their commitments to help conserve the worlds forests.

8 out of 10 land-dwelling species and nearly 300 million people live in forests and that's a large amount of people and animals so when we distroy forests we distroy people's and animals home. And so many people depend on the forest for food, medicine and they're homes.

The websites I got the information from is,


Created with images by DFAT photo library - "Kalimantan deforestation and degradation 2"

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