Claire H Explorers

Christopher Columbus

Christopher was born in Genoa,Italy.He was born on October 3/1451.

Columbus first started voyaging for Spain.Christopher voyage for them so he could find a route to Asia and trade with them so he could get there gold.

He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and the ships that he sailed on were called Nina,santa Maria,and the piƱta.

He sailed in the Santa Maria ship along with for others in 1492.then he ran into a part of North America that to this day is important.

If he did not run into that part of North America that part could not excised.

Christopher Columbus

John Cabot

Cabot was born in Genoa,Italy

He sailed for England

In 1497 Cabot tried to find a rout to the east Asia.

To get there he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

Cabot ran into North America and found a part that had never been explored.

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