The Last Hope God shows mercy

Last night, a witness saw fiery snakes biting people and I saw lots of dead people lying on the ground with lots of snake bites with a thousand holes on them and they were on fire, literally on fire!

Fiery snakes

At camp Dan lots of Israelites were killed. There was no hope. Everyone had been complaining to God and making him angry. But when he sent out fiery snakes the camp Dan were thinking back to their bad actions and choices.

However there was one hope .Moses. The camp begged him to ask god for forgiveness said a ISRAELITE. So moses prayed. Then god responded and sai lift up a bronze snake and whoever looks at it will be healed.

So the ISRAELITES trusted him and got healed. Do you trust God?


Created with images by Andrew Nourse - "StandUP For OUR Mother" • Oleg. - "two-headed snake" • lechenie-narkomanii - "freedom sky hands"

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