All about Gregory Vaughn!!! 3-9-2017

My choice of endless supply of food would be chicken. I chose chicken becuase there are so many different kinds of ways to cook chicken and you would never get tired of eating it.

This is my sweet firend Lucille, P.S. i would never eat her!!!

If I had to be a animal for a day I would be a rabbit, becuase rabbits are athletic, fast, cute, and especially fun to have around. I have 12 rabbits so it's kind of obvious why I chose this animal.

This is Bella she is only 4 months old, isnt she a sweetheart!!!

My one major goal would to be able to jump out of a plane without being scared. I'm like really scared of heights so I don't know how this is going to work out.

When I was little my hero was my grandma because she is the kind of romodel people try to be. She always made sure she had a smile on her face even when she was upset. She loves to do things for people from the kindness of her heart and shes very special to me!!!

I also love so much for always making sure we had some kind of sugary treat to eat :)

My favorite super hero is Wonder Woman becuase she did not keep her idnetity a secret like all the other super-hero's. I just started to think about how Wonder Woman needs more attention.

P.S. i loved legos when i was little!!!

My favorite thing to do during the summer is to be outdoors. I know this sounds crazy but its totally true.

None of these pictures are of me

If somebody offered to make a movie about me I would be so happy. I would want them to make the movie later in my life so it could be a biography about me. I really don't know who I would want to play me but if I had to guess it would be him.

TBH. this man was not my idea but it is what it is

If I had to be a ice-cream flavor it would be NEPOLITAN ice-cream becuase I can be all three in one flavor. But if this doen't count it would definitely be strawberry.

HMMMM doesn't your mouth water lokking at this???

My favorite disney cartoon character is Mulan. She is likie the best disney character ever!!!!! I love that movie and it never gets old. I love how she saves the emperor and the whole city of china, and to top it off she is a woman.

#believe it or not i actually met her

If I could visit anywhere it would be Ney York City becuase I have always wanted to see all the tourist attractions. I want to see the Statue of Liberty, visit the Smithsonian and see the White House.

I want to be a vet becuase I love animals. I would like to work as a vet and saving animals would make me happy.

Isn't this just sweet!!!

I am more of a night person than a morning person but it definitely depends on the kind of day i'm having. People probably will say I am more of a night person though.

I liked this picyure becuase of all the colors.

I play in the band, is that a hobbie? Oh well, I think its a hobbie becuase it requires technique. I play the french horn.

I bet I can play better than them.

I have this one major pet peeve that gets on my nerves, and it is when somebody who studys/ pays attention in class says they are going to fail a test or quiz. I mean if you payed attention you are going to alright, right?

See they did fine.

The weidest and most competely and utterly most nasty thing was fish. OMG i hate fish so much, and i will cry if you get dead or alive fish around me.

Nasty..... :(

One thing that I think is really funny about our family is how nobody looks alike. Our family physical traits do not resemble at all.

This kind of looks like you Beshiri!!!

A bad habit I have is that I awfully judge people by their appearance. I usually don't talk bad anyone who is nice to me it's just basically the awkward kids that are just weird and annoying.


I would describe myself as peaceful, patient, perservered.

This pictue is just so peaceful and relaxing.

I would want my play to be either a drama or a comedy becuase I think they would be really funny and amusing to listen/ watch. I don't know why but I just do.

My dream job, lol not foreal i'm joking.

If I could be anyone else it would be Albert Einstein becuase he is basically their smartest man known to man. If I was him for a day I would be so happy.

Maybe I wouldn't want to exactly look like hime, or live in the time period but I would still like to be him.


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