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During my working life at Adobe, I have photographed and written about many Adobe-related events that I've attended. Below is a list, with direct links to the projects.

Adobe Worldwide Sales Conference

Six years, six Worldwide Sales Conferences (WWSC). A lot goes on at these conferences: training, sales strategies, customer and peer presentations. There is an energy at this event that is different from an event like Adobe MAX. Not better or worse, just directed in a different manner. We are all there to work, and the days are long. But I gain a good deal of insight from listening to those on stage and gain perspectives on parts of Adobe's business that I don't touch often (or at all, sometimes).

I started documenting the conference a couple years into my time at Adobe and initially, I posted the photos on my Flickr account. But with the introduction of Adobe Spark and Behance, I started to combine my words with those pictures.

Adobe MAX
MAX gets bigger and better every year. The 2018 event in LA welcomed an estimated 14,000 people!

I've attended MAX as both a presenter and Adobe employee. I love this event! There is so much energy, positivity and creativity flowing across every day (and night) of MAX. Like WWSC, I first started sharing just my images of the event, on Flickr, and then moved on to Behance and Spark Page to tell my story.

There is always something fundamentally magical about Adobe MAX. Of course there's the wizardry of Adobe's scientists on display, but I think it also has a lot to do with the combined effect of thousands of creative people breathing in the same air.

Adobe Creative Campus
An exciting new event that we've been running at Adobe since the fall of 2016 is the Creative Campus.

An exciting new event that we've been running at Adobe since the fall of 2016 is the Creative Campus. A large education customer hosts the event and we bring in educators and administrators from other schools to learn how the host school makes use of Creative Cloud beyond the usual creative/design programs. For example, how can Creative Cloud tools benefit English majors, law, engineering, science or marketing students?

My first experience with Creative Campus was at the University of Arizona. I had never been to this school before (or Arizona, for that matter) and thought it worth bringing my DSLR, in case I had any downtime. As it turned out, while I did have a little downtime, I used my camera a great deal, simply photographing the event.

Scroll down to check out the other Creative Campus events.

And rather than Adobe personnel presenting on stage, the audience is treated to lectures from students, faculty and CIO's. Adobe people pretty much sit at the back of the room during the presentations. But we are there to talk and answer questions during breaks or at receptions.

What I didn't realize at the time was how important these photographs and the resulting stories would be to our own internal marketing team. Suffice to say, the head of marketing was thrilled with the first project and it became clear soon after that my Spark Pages were very valuable as a reporting mechanism and a way to help increase internal buy-in for more events.

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