War of 1812 By: Ghinlai Gerra

Individuals who played the key role in the event:

  • British
  • Americans
  • French
  • Napoleon

Causes of the war

  • In october 1805 great britain had sea power to enforce france blockade.
  • 1806, Napoleon ordered blockade of shipping to aimed for crippling british trade. For so many years americans had grappled with the problems of being neutral of great european war.
  • 1807 off of the shore of chesapeake bay while british people were watching french people. Also
  • On june 18 1812 president Madison signed a contract to declare war against great britain weird Right?!


  • The consequences of the war one day an american shot this guy named Isaac Brock during 1812.


  • At least war of 1812 stopped in 1815, this is significant because back then this war was the most important war people go to and help their country.
  • The war started in BNA and of course other territories, other people for BNA fought in that war for justice and finally ended in 1815 but still people helped out to stop the war
Isaac Brock

What changed in BNA

  • British North America was obviously in the war. A military conflict between great Britain and America

The impact of the event

  • war of 1812 involved groups of people and individual people. This is not progress because people died in the war.
  • for some people it was progress because they were angry or because they made it out in the end. But for some people there husbands or children died because of the war.


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