Good Life Performance. By Mone't Huskey

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt:

I had the pleasure to attend "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" play at the Constans theatre. This experience was completely wonderful because I got to experience my very first play at the University of Florida and actually take something from my experience. I would recommend anyone to actually attend and watch this play to the very end.

The Spatial Experience:

The first picture is of the Constans theatre sign when I was walking to the theatre. I didn't expect the theatre to actually be located in the Reitz Union, that was a huge surprise to me. The last two pictures are of the inside of the Constans theatre. When i first entered the building i felt at peace because the space was huge and very welcoming with creative designs to bring out the space. After having my ID swiped to get in, I was seated in the second row of the auditorium and I was also centered in the very middle. I could see everything that took place, I think the location of my seat made my experience even better. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt as though I was about to watch a movie or like I was going to hear an Opera. The size of the auditorium made me feel more comfortable because everything was so spaced out. The role of place in the Good Life is everything, a place can set your entire mood. That's why they say to surround yourself with a positive environment, just so your at peace in your environment and can have a better chance in obtaining your good life.

The Social Experience:

I attended the performance with my friends Amelia and Natalya. Once I got to the theatre and was waiting to be let in, I actually ran into more people I knew and I also met new people in the lobby. To get ready for the performance, I really didn't do much. I just used the restroom before the performance started because I didn't know how long it would be and I was expecting anything at this point. Attending with my friends enhanced my experience because I felt more comfortable sitting beside people I knew rather than strangers. I feel it made me relax and pay more attention to the performance. It also gave enhanced my experience to talk to them in between scenes about certain things. I feel the role of shared experiences in the Good Life is to help draw you and whoever else closer together to have some type of connection/understanding. When you experience the same things it makes it easier to get along and make friends/connections with one another.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience:

This is a picture of the program I received once I entered the auditorium for the play. This story actually took place in December 1905 in Quebec city. I believe the central issue addressed in the performance was about twisted/ backwardness of our country/the world and the importance of art in our society as a whole. I already knew that the world we live in is completely twisted/wicked and that art is an important part of expressing ourselves. Without art I feel we wouldn't have an escape from the wicked world we live in today, even back then. The performance didn't really change my views about the issues described. It just opened my eyes to realize that there is some good in the world but it's rare to find. The subject matter within the performance does have some relationship to something happening in my own life. There were hard times/hardships being exemplified throughout majority of the play, but I feel its inevitable because everyone goes through hardships in some point in time in their life.

The Emotional Experience:

This is a picture of a particular art work that was outside the auditorium that I found very creative. "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" provides us an opportunity for katharsis by introducing us to uncomfortable topics within the play that we usually wouldn't ever bring up on our own. The play pushes for individuals to acknowledge the things that are happening around them, not to just observe them and to keep it to ourselves/ keep quite about the subject at hand. This play provides us with the opening to start talking about certain things we'd usually keep to ourselves/ hidden. Instilling us with the mindset of, " since we just saw a play that expressed/illustrated all these uncomfortable topics all at once and the characters acknowledged them, why can't I talk about something I feel uncomfortable about with others?" Providing us with the push we need to actually come clean(katharsis) with certain subjects or issues at hand in today's society/ our life.

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