I Am Thine Sounds of Love

New Debut Single Release

“Brother’s Keeper” (is) a classic American gospel tune. Great harmonies and melodies, structure, lyrics and vocal delivery. It’s a bit old-school and reminded us of genre hits of 90’s, it has a timeless sound.


“Hailing from Miami, Florida, I Am Thine is a driven, passionate and dynamic soul / gospel composer with a lot to say. He is not your average R&B artist, because his music is definitely more than just plain entertainment. His personal blend of Christian values, groove and soul is all about celebrating the glory and loving spirit of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. His thought-provoking lyrics are positive and uplifting, reaching out to listeners on a deeper level: his work is all about inspiration, with a strong, emotional feel. Currently, I Am Thine is working on the release of his gripping single "Beautiful" and album "Sounds Of Love".

Andrea- Paper Wings Media

The world is going through a lot of crises; more than ever. From a global pandemic to national unrest in the United States, division and suffering have flooded everyone's lives.

Emerging artist and composer I Am Thine releases his newest, comforting single "When We All Get Together", with a beautiful fusion of R&B, Gospel, Soul, and Hip-Hop. The single will give any listener hope for a better future.

"When We All Get Together" encompasses how the world can come together in dire times. The release radiates a powerful message of compassion, unification, and love that we all need.

Miami-native, I Am Thine, outdoes himself with powerful lyricism and instrumentation that has listeners hooked. With a modern beat, an uplifting progression, and chilling harmonies, "When We All Get Together" impacts the listener from the press of play.

Driven by Christian values, I Am Thine delivers a song that is fitting for today's unprecedented times. If you are looking for a track that will bring a smile to your face, uplift, and comfort you, look no further. "When We All Get Together" is part of Big Fuss Records pandemic compilation "Corona Diaries." -Kristin Pedderson, Big Fuss Records