Woodlands CentRe Pilot Test for "Live" Worship Starting 4 OCT

Good News! What divine timing it is that our planned resumption of Church On-Site is the same week that 100 worshippers are allowed. Through much prayer and deliberation, we believe that the right time to return is now!

Even better news! Woodlands Centre have been invited by the authorities to participate in a pilot test for 100 worshippers with "live" worship onstage! While the congregation is still not allowed to sing, 2 singers will be allowed to be unmasked as they lead us during the worship.

We have prayerfully considered this decision and believe that it is part of our contribution to the safe reopening of our nation and also to the Body of Christ.

1. What does the pilot test involve?

All our Church On-Site Services at Woodlands Centre starting from 3 and 4 Oct will be part of an ongoing pilot test for invited religious organisations to allow:

  • 100 worshippers – 50 in one zone with 1m distancing, separated from next zone of 50 by 3m and a physical barrier
  • “Live” worship onstage only – 5 people allowed to be unmasked, 2 singers allowed to be unmasked
  • No singing by congregation
  • All others to remain masked

2. Why are we doing the pilot test?

With the safe-management procedures in place, we believe that we can contribute to safe reopening of our nation by working closely with the authorities in measured steps forward. We also believe that participating in this with other invited churches will bless the larger Body of Christ in Singapore so as to enable more churches to reopen safely with “live” worship.

3. What will the services be like?

  • The services will be like any regular on-site service with the additional component of “live” worship and 2 singers who are allowed to be unmasked. Singing is still not allowed for the congregation.
  • For Woodlands Centre, we are encouraged to come on rostered weeks so that we can see our district family and worship together again. It will be a rolling roster of 3 weeks beginning with Northwood (4 Oct), Lighthouse (11 Oct), WDL Green (18 Oct) then back to Northwood. For those not able to come, let's continue to worship God at our online Church@Home.
  • Tickets for the services will also be booked via our Connect system: https://connect.cefc.org.sg/

4. What are the safety measures in place?

  • 100 worshippers will be separated from point of entry to point of exit into 2 zones
  • 50 in one zone with 1m distancing, separated from next zone by 3m and a physical barrier
  • Stage is separated from first row by 4m.
  • Contact details of attendees registered through the booking system

5. Are other congregations included?

Yes, all congregations including Mandarin-Dialect and All Nations will be allowed to have “live” worship on stage with accompanying safety measures.

6. How is the government working with us on this?

MCCY will be working closely with us to ensure that we keep to all safety measures. They may be present on some occasions to ensure that protocols are kept.

7. Are TNG services included?

TNG will remain online for the rest of 2020. Youth YouTube Live will be starting on 4 Oct to encourage greater engagement with the youth.

Read about our way forward for Online and On-site Church in this season at http://cefc.ch/coviddisciplemakingfaq