Mekong Diaries Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Day zero – Departures & arrivals

Take off to Bangkok after we arrived at sunrise and left at sunset.
After 28h of travel we switched gangways to the hallway of the Siam@Siam hotel.
Sundowner at the roof top.
Bangkok nights with mist and noise. Feels a bit like a scenery from Bladerunner.
Did I say loud. Public punk concert around the corner. #like
Crab Curry
Let‘s call it a day and finish with a foooootmassaaage... (what‘s the mask for? Do my feet stink that much??)
Day 1 – Bangkok
Tuk Tuk
Plastic shopping paradise. I don’t know what it’s for but made somehow sense to me
Yes, I love Vespas
Cat in the kitchen
Rat in the kitchen...

Wat Mount

Devotionalien gehören zu jeder Pilgerstätte


Ahoi Captains
Kao san Road

Changed quite a bit since 1990...

Klong Taxi
asian Originals
European assimilation

One Night In Bangkok

DAY 2 -Train to chiang mai

A 12.5 hours train ride without Wifi can be a relaxing experience. Thanks Tobias Oswald for the book The Gift of Anger by Arun Gandhi, a gread read indeed.
Time for travel planning, too.
Delicious catering ;) Damn, the curry was HOT!
A well deserved beer with delicious street food in Chiang Mai.
DAY 3 – Chiang Mai, CITY
Donating by adding another layer of gold.
Wherever you go, do what the locals do.
Thai Klingelbeutel
Chinese tourists invading Chiang Mai.

Saturday Night Market

Full house...
Stay calm and taste our food
Ka Soy
Old black eggs.
Meat & Massage
Birds, bring you luck...
Kids around the world are addicted to iPads. If they don’t have to work...
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